Heritage Hamburg

Take a Seat

At the HERITAGE, every table is a favorite place, with the best view of the Alster. Please do not feel like home but stay seated and enjoy the service. We won’t strap you to your chair, don’t worry, but it could turn into an extended visit. Why? This secret has to be disclosed every evening anew. With us, you will meet new people, experience flavor as never before and revel in moments that turn into precious memories.

Wine and Frenzy

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a good wine. We invite you to experience the varieties of exquisite red and white wines and pour Mouton Cadet, Cloudy Bay or Gnarly Head in your glass. Wine and frenzy are close together ever since Dionysus —at the HERITAGE, only the vast selection will drive you crazy. But we spare the rod and spoil you with our sommelier who will make it all okay again.

Wine Tasting

You will not ever want to leave this place but linger in the eternity of wines. As soon as you step foot into our Wine-Tasting-Room, we light up the good mood and will only give you the task of enjoyment. Forget about Hamburg. Take a sip of Spain, France, New Zealand or Italy and listen to the stories of winemakers and cellarers. Every evening is a feast. So, feel free to stay for a while.

Do it Private

It’s all yours

Last but not least, the HERITAGE also celebrates properly. Either you find a occasion or our heroes will find one for you. HERITAGE Hamburg can be rented very rarely, but we do. So the view and the evening remain completely private – and unforgettable.

What you will make out of it – is up to you.
What we make of it – trust us! Interested?

Drop us a line info[at]heritage-restaurants.com